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Akira Ogawa is a teacher, writer and musician.

As a teacher, he has worked in high school and middle school, teaching Japanese and English. In September 2016, he started his postgraduate study at the University of Edinburgh. His major is a masters degree Teaching English as a Second Other Language (TESOL). He plans to become a teacher trainer educating prospective English teachers in Japanese universities.

As a writer, he has already written two novels, a magical realism novel entitled@eTeo in the wallsf, and an autobiographical novel, eThe Day the Sun/Son ate his moonf. In addition, he has been working on several full-length novels: eRain-birdf; eA Tale of the Next Dimension of Lovef; eTeacher Heckf, eAn Adventure of a Young Man Kawahata and Fell-into-a-trance Boy, Kylef, and eSunshinef. His ambition is to become an international author.

As a musician, he formed the band eSonic & Tripf in 2002. Currently, Sonic & Trip has seven members and are working on a new album entitled eAt a Lake of Musesf. The band has released three albums so far (2007's eyes, pleasef on Enough-ho Record, eno placef in 2009 on Sony Music Publishing and eA Tale of the Next Dimension of Lovef in 2013 released by LEYLINE-RECORDS). Additionally, Akira released his acoustic solo album in 2009 (eLost Wordsf) which he wrote and published himself.

Akira currently lives in Edinburgh where he has been writing songs in English and thinking of starting a new band called e too dark too brightf.

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